Malvani Vade Recipe.

Malvani Vade Recipe.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Resting Time 3 to 4 Hours

Cooking Time 30 minutes

Total Time 4 to 5 hours

Serving’s 6 to 8 people

Type of Recipe: Lunch and Dinner

Author: Asmi Kadam


·       ½ cup of Split and skinned black gram (Urad Dal)

·       ½ cup of any type of Rice

·       ½ cup of Split petit yellow lentils ( Moong Dal)

·       1 cup of Gram Flour or Chickpea Flour (Besan)

·       ½  big bowl of Wheat flour ( Gheu Aata)

·       1 bowl of Rice flour (Chawal Aata)

·       1 Chopped Onion

·       4 to 5 Garlic cloves

·       Turmeric powder

·       2 tablespoons Jaggery

·       Salt

·       Garam Masala powder

·       Warm water ( Is if required )

·       For grinding masala ( separated )

Ø 1 tablespoons of Coriander seeds

Ø 1 inch Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Ø 2 teaspoons of Fenugreek (Methi seeds)

Ø 1 tablespoons of Fennel (Sauf)

Ø 2 to 3 Green Cardamom (Elaichi)

·       For frying

Ø Oil


The Vade dough must be kneaded at least before 4 hours for making the Vadas.

1. Wash the Split and skinned black gram (Urad Dal) and Soak overnight. At morning, make finely grind the masala into the mixture jar by ingredients which are mentioned above. In the grinded masala, add soaked urad Dal, chopped onions and garlic. Make a fine paste. Don’t use much water for this mixture. Keep aside.


2. Rinse rice and moong Dal together. In a pot mix both rice and dal. Add 2 to 3 glass of water. Allow them to cook till become thick in consistency. Once they cook properly, add salt, turmeric and jaggery into that mixture. Switch off the flame.

Don’t put much jaggery. You may use that for taste purpose only. Mixture should not be too watery.

In the pot itself, with the help of grinder, grind the mixture and make a thick paste of rice Dal. Keep aside


3. Now we start with for making a dough of Vade.

Take a big mixture bowl, plate or parat which is available to you. In a parat add 1 bowl of wheat flour, ½ bowl of rice flour and 1 bowl of gram flour. Mix all these flours with the help of hands. Now add urad Dal paste and rice moong Dal mixture into these flour. Add some salt, garam Masala powder and pour some oil into this.

Be sure, the rice Dal mixture should be hot in temperature. You have to mix those hot rice Dal mixture into the flour. Now slowly mix all the ingredients properly.

You may take care of your hands at the time of kneading the dough.

Use some warm water as per the requirement for kneading the dough.

Knead the dough. Dough should not be too soft or too hard. Now dough is ready. You may keep wet cloth on the dough and cover the dough with the plate. Now keep this dough aside for minimum 4 hours. Dough should be like shown in the picture as follows: 


4. After 4 hours, dough is ready for making vadas. Place a vessel on medium flame and pour oil for frying the vadas. Once Oil heated.

Keep the stove on a medium flame. Then, wet a cotton cloth with water. Spread the cloth on the rolling board. Now take a portion of dough. Roll on palms and flatten on the cloth. Now remove the vada from the cloth and dropped them into the oil. Quickly but gently keep pressing the vada down to the oil.  Now you fry the both sides till become golden brown. The vada look fluffy and make all the vadas one by one.

Enjoy the vadas with any sprout usal, kaju usal, chicken, mutton curry and of course with rice kheer.



Have a wonderful day.


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