Green Moong Dal Idly Recipe.

Green Moong Dal Idly Recipe.

Preparation time 10 minutes

Soaking time 5 hours

Resting time 8 hours

Total time 13 to 14 hours

Servings 4 people

Type of recipe: Breakfast

Name of author: Asmi Kadam


·      1 cup green Moong Dal

·       1 tablespoons Chana Dal ( Gram Dal)

·       1 cup Rice

·       1/4th cup flattened Rice

·       Water for grinding

·       Salt



Wash both the Dal and rice. Add water in Dals and rice, soak it in a separate bowls.


Soak for at least 4 to 5 hours.  Before the grinding, wash flattened rice and soak for ½ hour. 

Then grind all the Dals, rice and flattened rice together. With very little water. Don’t use much water for grinding. The consistency of batter should be like normal idli batter only. Once batter nicely grind, mix it well and transfer it into the airtight container.


Keep in a warm place for resting at least for 8 hours.

After resting of batter, batter look fermented nicely. Now add some salt and mix it well.


Heat idli steamer in a high flame. Grease the Idli’s mould with oil. Pour the spoonful of batter into the idli mould. Keep it in a steamer. Keep the lid on a stemmer and allow to cook for 7 minutes.



After 7 minutes, you can see Idlies look fluffy. Remove the moulds from the stemmer. Remove the Idlies.


Serve hot with Chutney and sambar.


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