Imly Chutney Recipe.

Imly Chutney Recipe.

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 30 minutes

Total time 45 minutes

Type of recipe: Chutney

Name of author: Asmi Kadam



·      ½ cup Tamarind ( Without Seeds)

·       8 to 9 Dates (Without Seeds)

·       ½ cup Jaggery

·       1 tablespoon oil

·       ½ teaspoon Cumin

·       ½ teaspoon Asafodieta

·       ½ tablespoon Salt

·       1 teaspoon Kala Namak

·       1 teaspoon Red Chili powder

·       ½ teaspoon Cumin powder

·       ½ teaspoon dried ginger powder ( Sunth Powder)

·       2 teaspoon sugar

·       Water


Take a mixing bowl, add tamarind and dates together, add 1/2 cup of water.  Place this mixing bowl in a cooker and allow to cook with 3 whistles.


Once cooker cool down, remove the mixing bowl from the cooker. Allow to cool this mixture.


After that take mixture jar, add boiled tamarind and dates mixture. Grind this mixture till fine paste. Then, transfer this paste into the sieve and with the help of spoon filter it the smooth paste.


Once you got nice and smooth paste of tamarind and dates, will go for the further process.


Heat a kadai on a medium flame, pour oil then add cumin and asafodieta. Once cumin stared spluttering, add the paste. Don’t add water.


Allow to make boil, then add all the spices, like add red chili powder, cumin powder, kala namak, dried ginger powder and salt. Mix it. Then slow the gas flame, and add jaggery and salt. Allow to cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.


Tamarind chutney is ready.


Once it cool properly, you can store this in a bottle and keep in a fridge. Whenever you like to make a chat, you can use this chutney as per your requirement.


You may use this chutney for, ragda patties, sev puri, pani puri, samosa chat or you can eat with samosa also.

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