Garam Masala Powder Recipe For Subzi.

Garam Masala Powder Recipe For Subzi.

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time 5 minutes

Total time 10 minutes

Type of recipe: Dry roasted spice powder

Name of author: Asmi Kadam


·       1 tablespoon Cumin seeds ( Jeera)

·       1 tablespoon Coriander Seeds ( Dhaniya)

·       ½ tablespoon Black paper (Kali Mirch)

·       1/3 tablespoon cloves (Lavang)

·       2 Bay leaves (Tej Patta)

·       ½ tablespoon Poppy seeds ( Khaskhas)

·       1 inch Cinnamon ( Dalchini)

·       1 black Cardamom (Badi Ilayachi)

·       2 Star Anise (Chakra Phool)

·       1 Mace ( Javitri)

·       ½  Tablespoon Fennel (Saunf)


Heat a heavy bottom pan on a slow flame. First add cumin and coriander seeds. Dry roast it till turn aromatic.  Remove it from the pan.  Keep aside.


Then add all other spices and dry roast till turn aromatic. Mix it with coriander and cumin seeds. Allow to cool down.

Now take a mixture jar, add all dry roast garam masala. And grind it till fine powder. You may store this garam masala powder in air tight container.


You can use this powder in curries, veggies and in cutlets.

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