Aloo Vadi Recipe Maharashtrian Style.

Aloo Vadi Recipe Maharashtrian Style.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Cooking time 45 minutes

Total time 1 and ½ hour

Servings 6 people

Type of recipe: Snacks or starter

Name of author: Asmi Kadam


·       10 to 12 medium size colocasia leaves ( Aloo vadi chi paan / Arbi ke patte)

·       1 tablespoon Sesame seeds

·       1 teaspoon Carom seeds

·       1 chopped Onion

·       ½ cup chopped Coriander

·       ½ tablespoon red Chili powder

·       1 teaspoon Turmeric

·       2 cup gram flour ( Besan)

·       Salt

·       Oil

·       For the masala mixture :

ü½ cup grated Coconut

ü1 inch Ginger

ü6 to 7 Garlic cloves

ü2/4 th cup Jaggery

ü2 tablespoon Tamarind

ü2 to 3 Chilies

ü1 teaspoon Cumin

ü1 teaspoon Coriander

ü½ cup Water


First wash colocasia leaves in running water. Clean the colocasia leaf on both the sides using dry clothes. Cut the stalk of the leaves and place it on the cutting board, slice the middle veins from the center. Taking care leaves cannot be break in between. Also remove the small and thick veins from the sides of the leaves. Keep all the leaves ready for applying the besan mixture.


Now for making masala mixture, take mixture jar. Add grated coconut, ginger, garlic, jaggery, tamarind, broken chilies, cumin, coriander and water. Grind this in a fine paste.

Now take big plate, transfer this grated paste into the plate. Add chopped onion, coriander, red chili powder, turmeric, carom seeds, sesame seeds, salt and gram flour. Mix all the ingredients. And make fine mixture.

Now this mixture is ready for applying on colocasia leaves.


Sort out the leaves. The place the largest one leaf on the bottom then, keep smallest one over it.

Now place a colocasia leaves on a clean surface, the tip of the leaf facing towards you and light green sides facing upwards.

Now take some portion of besan mixture and spread it on the leaf evenly with the help of fingers. Place another colocasia leaf over it with the light green side facing upwards. Again spread some besan mixture evenly on the leaf. Like this, place more leaves. And spread the besan mixture evenly on the leaves. 


Once, finish off the 5 to 6 leaves after applying the besan mixture. Now fold the leaves from upper and lower sides, then fold left and right sides. Also apply the besan mixture on the folded side.

Now hold the roll with both the hands and on each fold you must apply some besan mixture. This is how you can make tight roll.

Follow the same process to make another rolls also.

On the other hand heat the steamer, place this roll on the steamer plate. Steam this rolls for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes open the steamer and allow to cool down for 10 minutes. Then, transfer those rolls into the plate. Cut the round pieces. For frying, heat the pan on a medium flame. Pour some oil in pan. Once oil is heated, place the aloo vadi in the pan, fry the vadi from both sides and fry till brown and crisp.

Serve hot with the meal or you can also enjoy this vadi with tea time.

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