Ghavne Recipe. Authentic Maharashtrian Recipe

Ghavne Recipe. Authentic Maharashtrian Recipe

Preparation Time 5 Minute

Cooking Time 30 Minutes

Total Time 35 Minutes

Servings: 4 people

Type of Recipe: Breakfast and Lunch

Author: Asmi Kadam

Ingredients for Ghavne Flour:

·1 kg Kolam rice

·1 kg Parboiled Rice

Ingredients for Ghavne :

·4 cup of Ghavne flour



Method for Ghavne Flour:

Mix both rice in a big pot, wash the rice under running water. Wash it at least 3 to 4 times.Drain all excess water from the rice. Keep aside for 15 minutes. Now spread the rice on cotton cloth and allows to dry out for 1 day. Next day you may check, the rice completely dry. Now grind the rice on floor mill. The Ghavne flour is ready. 

Method for Ghavne:

The Maharashtrian people using a “Cast Iron Tawa” for making ghavne which is called “Bhidyacha Tawa”. 

For the preparation, first make Ghavne batter into the bowl. Take 4 bowl of Ghavne flour in the mixing bowl. Now add the 2 glass of water and salt for the taste. Mix it well. Add the water as per the requirement. The batter should not be very thick and should not be very runny. This is very important for making a batter. This is a very important precautionary note.

Heat tawa on medium flame, grease the tawa with the oil once it’s got heated. (For greasing you can use a coconut husk). Pour batter on the tawa with help of ladle. Spread it across the tawa. Drizzle oil on the top and the edges of the Ghavan.  Keep the gas on medium flame. Cook till edges gets separated from tawa. Do not turn the Ghavan (Cook Ghavan from one side only). Now remove the Ghavan and keep in the basket. This is how you can make more Ghavne as per your requirements. Served hot and soft Ghavne with coconut chutney.

You can also have with hot tea, milk and sweet coconut milk in the breakfast and sprouted Ussal (Soup) in lunch. Choice the way you want to eat. Enjoy!!!

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