Onion Dry Coconut Masala Paste for Usal.

Onion Dry Coconut Masala Paste for Usal.

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

Total time 30 minutes

Type of recipe: Masala paste

Name of author: Asmi Kadam


·       2 to 3 grated dry Coconut

·       4 medium size roughly chopped Onion

·       1/4th cup Garlic

·       2 inch chopped Ginger

·       2 tablespoons Garam Masala powder

·       1 teaspoon Turmeric

·       2 teaspoon salt

·       Oil


Heat a kadai on a slow flame, firstly put grated dry coconut with garlic cloves. Dry roast coconut with garlic. Once coconut nicely brown, remove from the kadai.


Now add chopped onions with ginger. Fry the onions with very little oil till golden brown. Once onions nicely cooked. Remove it from the kadai.


Allow to cool both fry coconut and onions. Now take mixture Jar, firstly add fried coconut. Grind it in a fine powder.


Remove this powder into the plate. Now add fried onions into the mixture Jar, add turmeric, salt and garam masala powder into the onions. Grind it till fine paste.


Now add this onion paste into the coconut powder. Mix it with the spoon. Again add this masala paste into the mixture jar, grind it all the masala together till smooth paste.


This kanda-khobra (onion-coconut) masala is easily store in the fridge at least for 10 days. For that reason, don’t use water into this masala at the time of grinding.

You can use this masala for making any usal.


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